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  Tibetan Area Rugs

Tibetan area rug, Nepalese area rug, Custom Tibetian area rug are the one which are made in Nepal, but when the same technique being used in India it is considered indo- Tibetan area rug, Indo-Nepalese area rug, indo-tibetian area rugs.

The speciality of India is that you can get all kind of area rugs weaving here, you name it and we will provide it. We are REGISTERED handmade made Tibetan rug manufacturers and exporters in India . Our rugs are free from child labour.

We can provide you the rugs with the “CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN”,if desired by you.

We are registered member of Trade associations & Chamber of commerce. We are certified Exporters by Govt. of India, Ministry of Commerce, Jt. DGFT, Varanasi, U.P., India.

Indo-tibetan area rugs are handknotted area rugs with a distinctive rug-weaving technique. A temporary rod which establishes the length of pile is put in front of the warp, these are being changed in case of high low pile, or loop cut pile . A continuous yarn is looped around two warps and then once around the rod. When a row of loops is finished, then the loops are cut to construct the knots, but when the construction is required only in loop, these are not been cut to give loop pile.

Did you ever have desire to know how Tibetan rugs are made? At first wool is sorted to pick out foreign materials and other forms of wool to have stable product. Then the wool is properly washed to remove fat and wax. After that the wool is dried in sunlight for two to three days, to make it ready for carding. Hand carding is still on demand to produce exotic program carpet. After this spinning is done by hand wheel(charkha) called handspun wool and if done by machine called machine spun wool. After the wool is ready dyeing process takes place. After the wool is dyed weaving commences. On the other hand, the map of the design are being made so that when the wool is dyed and ready weaving takes place with the help of the map.The carpet weaving is a creative task which is performed by three or four laborers according to the size of carpet. Carpet weaving is done with the help of yarn balls, scissors, iron-rod, levers, comb beater, etc. when the rug weaving is over carpets are washed with fresh water using household chemicals to keep free of germs and wipe out the gloomy appearance. Carpets are washed manually maintaining eco-friendly environments. The carpet is then dries out in sunlight for 4-5 days. When the carpets are washed, it gets dis-shaped so the carpet has to be brought back to the original loom-stage size by stretching. Stretching gives a good appearance to the carpet if it is twisted or under sized anywhere. Clipping/trimming is thereafter done to give a smooth look. Designs and patterns are carefully checked before sending to packing but in case there's any error it is trimmed to and given a final touch.


There are many sizes we make. Tibetan Area Rug can be made in sizes as per your demand. Normal sizes are In FTS. 3.0x5.0, 4.6x6.6, 5.6x7.9, 6.6x8.3, 6.6x9.6, 8.3x10.0, 8.3x11.3, 10.0x13.0

In Cms. 090x160, 140x200, 170x240, 200x250, 200x300, 250x300, 250x350, 300x400 sizes.

Ask us ANY SIZE OF TIBETAN AREA RUGS UPTO 15FT WIDE, AND LENGTH UPTO 20 FT.All rug sizes are approximate. This we call Custom Tibetan Rugs. We also specialize in the EXTRA LARGE TIBETAN AREA RUGS and can Custom make in any size. A custom size of rectangular Tibetan area rug, square Tibetan area rug, round Tibetan area rug, octagonal Tibetan area rug, odd shape Tibetan area rug, Tibetan area rug for lobby etc allows you to pick the cut you want.

We provide different knots of tibetian qualities in India, in wool, wool-silk, silk, flax(linen), hemp, and such other natural fibres. May be the weave pattern is high low pattern Tibetan area rug, loop-cut pattern Tibetan area rug , short pile pattern Tibetan area rug, dense pile pattern Tibetan area rug, anything you name and we will make. Design
Any design whether traditional or contemporary as per the demand of the clients and market.

Custom design Tibetan area rugs are our speciality. We are working with most of the interior designer & architects for their demand of Tibetan area rugs, for hotels, villas, bunglows, apartments etc. So you can be very sure about the work you wish and we provide.

  Qualities/knots of Tibetan Area Rugs

Different qualities of Tibetan rugs are under :- Tibetan area Rugs are mainly weaved under 45 knots, 60 knots, 80 knots and 100 knots quality.

1. 45 knots rug is very heavy (a higher gauge string is used on the loom). These are relatively easy to weave and are finished quickly. Pile height of 45 knots Tibetan rug quality is around 8-10mm
2. 60 knots Tibetan area rugs are advisable for the coarser or thick look and feel. Pile height of 60 knots Tibetan rug quality is around 6-8 mm
3. 80 knots, for a softer, finer feel, 80 knots rug is of mid-range quality and a bit more labor is used in production. Pile height of 80 knots Tibetan rug quality is around 5-7mm
4. 100 knots, which is very fine and usually woven with silk additions. They are very light as the backing is of fine-gauge cotton string as well as lower gauge string is used on the loom. Pile height of 100 knots Tibetan rug quality is around 3-4 mm
tibetan rug
tibetan area rug
Custom tibetan rug
60 knots tibetan
area rug 004
100 knots tibetan
area rug 1285
Banana silk tibetan
area rug
tibetan rug
tibetan area rug
Custom tibetan rug
smerge design tibetan
area rug in wool 100
knots quality
tibean area rug in
wool and original
silk 60 knots
tibetan area rug in
linen and viscose mix
45 knots quality
tibetan rug
tibetan area rug
Custom tibetan rug
tibetan area rug in
linen natural & bleach-unwashed & antique
wash 45 knots quality
tibetan area rug in
wool and linen mix
45 knots quality
tibetan area rug in
wool and viscose mix
45 knots quality
tibetan rug
tibetan area rug
tibetan handknotted
washed & unwashed,
in wool in 45 knots quality
wool-tibetan area rug
in viscose high pile
and wool in loop 80
knots quality

In relation to the above knots quality there is a myth that “Rugs which has lower knots are inferior” : Rug has a lower knot structure does not necessarily mean that it is inferior. Tibetan rugs use a relatively coarse knot structure, but can be the perfect compliment to a relaxed style of decorating. Where the clients wants the rug to be tight look and lower pile, dense and high knots are advisable, otherwise not.

There is one very common question “Why some rugs are with fringes on both the side and some do not have any”? The fringes are not artificial but when the rugs are weaved are the upper and lower portion, so customers prefers to have and give traditional look, but some do not. We can provide both these look i.e. Tibetan area rugs with fringes and Tibetan area rugs without fringes.

  Different countries, different names

Belgique people call Tibetan Tapis or Tibetan tapis or Tibetan area tapis;

Ceská, Denmark, Great Britain, Greece, HongKong, Íslensku, Korea, Nederland, Norge, Russia, Sverige, Suomi, Taiwan & USA people call Tibetan Carpet or Tibetan carpets ;

Deutschland, Österreich & Schweiz people call Tibetan Tibetan Teppich or Tibetan Area Teppich;

España, Italiano & Svizzera people call Tibetan Tappeti or Tibetan Tappeti or Tibetan area tapeti;

France people call Tibetan Tapis or Tibetan Area Tapis or Tibetan Tapis;

Portugal people call Tibetan Tapete or Tibetan Area Tapete;

You may send us detailed inquiry for your custom rugs requirement of material made-of required, pile-height required so that we may offer you the best rates WITH BEST QUALITY TIBETAN AREA RUGS.


If you have any design/colour and size you wish to have you may please contact us with the details, we will provide you everything you need to make your area rug looking perfect.

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